The 10 BRDCST commandments

You already know that a festival visit demands thorough preparation. But preparing yourself for BRDCST, well that’s quite something else. Stick to these 10 BRDCST commandments and all will be fine!

1. Let yourself be led into temptation by our BRDCST playlist


2. Keep yourself and your loved ones hydrated, buy sufficient BRDCST tokens


3. The gates to BRDCST heaven stand wide open to those in possession of a wristband.


4. Timing is everything – those who seek shall find…

5 .Let yourself be moved publicly by the NMBS and MIVB


6. Gently drown in our Berry Me Deep cocktail


7. Surround yourself with kindred spirits for a more intense experience


8. Discover more sweet sounds at the Balades Sonores record stand

9. Dance yourself into the 7th heaven during BRDCST By Night in the Beursschouwburg.

10. Don’t do anything we wouldn’t do