Contemporary, classical and experimental artwork in AB-café (Sonic Pieces)


During the month of April, AB-café will have a Sonic Pieces artwork exhibition.
The contemporary, classical and experimental artwork is created by Monique Recknagel.
She founded the German Sonic Pieces label in 2009.

Quality over quantity is something Monique Recknagel has always been focusing on.
That is why every carefully selected release comes as limited edition in genuine packaging, hand-crafted with locally produced and designed material.
Some of her beautiful artwork is being exposed on the walls of AB-café for one month and it is free to watch for any interested visitor.

Have a look!

Sonic Pieces celebrates its 10th anniversary this year. To mark the occasion, BRDCST gives the driving force behind Sonic Pieces (and founding mother) Monique Recknagel carte blanche to put together a big evening around this boutique label. The musical part of the evening will take place in the unique environs of the superbly restored art nouveau Foyer Hamesse, in arthouse-cinema Palace (opposite AB). On the bill: Danish quartet We Like We, Spanish neo-classical/electro composer Rauelsson, and the almost mythical post-classical drone-duo Deaf Center.

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