Cairo’s New Wave curated by Nadah El Shazly
Saturday 6 April 00:00 - 01:30 BEURS­SCHOUW­BURG

‘Industrial hip hop, Aphex Twin and cut up voices from Egyptian MC’s’

A striking trendsetter last year was Egyptian producer, multi-instrumentalist and sound-artist ZULI. His album ‘Terminal’ – which was released on the UIQ label of Lee Gamble – even made it into the Top 3 of the year-end charts at The Wire. Pitchfork described his sound as ‘the type of frenzied techno that has wormed its way into the audacious sets of Lee Gamble, Machine Woman and Aphex Twin.’ He generously seasons his distorted techno however with industrial hip-hop, trap and ‘cut up voices from Egyptian MC’s and mourning chants.’ Pitchfork praised ‘Terminal’ as ’a head-nodding and brain-boggling work of art.’

Cairo’s New Wave curated by Nadah El Shazly

The release of ‘Ahwar‘ – the 2017 debut by Egyptian singer/producer/composer Nadah El Shazly – not only delivered a brilliant album, but actually brought to light an extremely exciting music scene. Leading monthly mag The Wire even dedicated a cover piece to it, with as title: Cairo’s New Wave. However, it was her own contemporary mixtape, created for that same mag, that hit us with that outright musical uppercut. It contained an unexpected but superb mix of modern Arabian music, jazz, noise, hip-hop, psychedelica and experimental electro.

It led to us asking Nadah El Shazly to come translate her mixtape live on stage at BRDCST. The result: a deep dive into the musical avant-garde of the Cairo underground.