Whispering Sons (be)

Sunday 7 April 21:30 - 23:00 AB BOX

Best Belgian (post-punk) band of the moment plays peers into a corner

Whispering Sons signed off on one of the best (Belgian) albums of 2018: ‘Image’. Stronger still: if ‘Image’ had seen the light of day during the heyday of post-punk then it would have effortlessly overshadowed its peers. What’s more: we think Whispering Sons is the Best Belgian Band of the moment.

Raf Simons fell for them too and invited the band to play a show at Paris Fashion Week, where both Frank Ocean and Naomi Campbell were a part of the audience. There’s a quote from De Morgen that’s worth sharing: ‘De stem van Fenne Kuppens raakte ons midscheeps: kippenvel was een hele set ons deel.’ Basically: a more than worthy closer for BRDCST!