Toxe (se)

Friday 5 April 21:30 - 22:15 AB CLUB

‘The music she produces is equally skull-crushing.’ (Exclaim)

Having established an impressive track record in only a few years’ time, it’s as if Swedish producer Toxe has always been celebrated: releases on the labels Staycore and Halcyon Veil (see too: Rabit, Scraaatch, Mhysa,…), the issue of her A/V project with The Vinyl Factory, and she provided the soundtrack for the winter collection ‘FW 2016 prints’ of French fashion house KENZO. Toxe released the EP ‘Blinks’ last year via PAN. On it, she unites sweet melodies with a dramatic undertone.



PAN is 10. And the future looks bright. The label, established by Greek Bill Kouligas, played an A B S O L U T E L Y pioneering role in the leftfield electronica scene over the last decade and it documents ‘forward thinking sounds’ excellently. They already launched M.E.S.H., Visionist or Rashad Becker on their roster years ago. And pioneers like Aaron Dilloway (Wolf Eyes), our very own Dennis Tyfus, or the late Mika Vainio (Pan Sonic) also made adventurous outings on the label. In recent years, PAN has specifically introduced remarkable newcomers like Yves Tumor, Eartheater, Objekt, … Together with PAN, we selected three artists who recently impressed us...