Steve Gunn (us)

Thursday 4 April 21:30 - 23:00 AB CLUB

‘Steve Gunn = José González + Donovan + Ryley Walker’ (Slug Magazine)

Gifted guitarist and songwriter Steve Gunn didn’t only share his hometown Philadelphia with Kurt Vile but was also a part of the man’s backing band The Violators for a while. Gunn, who now lives in Brooklyn, was very accurately described by Slug Magazine as ‘Steve Gunn = José González + Donovan + Ryley Walker’. His latest album ‘The Unseen In Between’ certainly received fine words from that same blog: ‘stunningly rich, deep, layered and very profound.‘

The Guardian just recently referred his music as ‘Americana with British roots’. Gunn in turn references influences like Sun Ra, Jack Rose, John Fahey and Sonic Youth. And us? We absolutely adore him.