Kelly Moran: grand piano a/v show (us)

Sunday 7 April 21:00 - 22:00 AB CLUB

Warp Records presents multi-instrumentalist Kelly Moran on prepared piano

Kelly Moran is not only a composer, but also a multi-instrumentalist and producer. She was a part of the Oneohtrix Point Never live band during its ‘Age Of’ tour. What’s more, Moran – an outspoken feminist – considers performance to be a statement: ‘the act of a woman making music is a kind of political act in itself. Performance and composition are ways for women to reclaim space and assert their existence.’ Her love of John Cage’s prepared piano can be clearly heard on latest album ‘Ultraviolet’, remarkably enough released on leading label Warp Records. ‘Ultraviolet’ exudes not only neo-classical, but also jazz, dream pop and even black metal. Pitchfork: ‘She’s making the piano sound like nothing you’ve ever heard before.’ They count the album among the Best Experimental Albums of 2018.