K Á R Y Y N (sy/us)

Thursday 4 April 22:00 - 22:45 AB BOX

Visual composer with Syrian roots, adored by Björk. Los Angeles inhabitant and visual composer

K Á R Y Y N (with spaces & capitals and Armenian & Syrian roots) has already been lauded by Björk who recently referred to her as a source of inspiration. In 2017, the former student of Marina Abramović instantly impressed with her single ‘ALEPPO’, described by FactMag ‘one of the year’s most startling debut singles’. Her work nods to generation-mates like Oneohtrix Point Never, FKA twigs and Holly Herndon.

We recently saw her at work and were immediately impressed by this ‘sonic adventurer’. Just like Mute Records, that right away offered to accommodate K Á R Y Y N’s ‘Curiously Powerful Experimental Pop’ (Pitchfork).