Elektro Hafiz (De/Tr)

Turkish psychedelica
Saturday 6 April 21:00 - 22:00 BONNEFOOI

Turkish psych meets electronica en dub

Saz Power from Germany! Demir Keren Atay left a 20 year career behind him in his homeland Turkey (where he was amongst the best of the second generation of Turkish psych, under the name Fairuz Derin Bulut). Under the name Elektro Hafiz, he now fully flirts with electro and even dub.


Turkish psychedelica? Pink Floyd on saz!

The latest delight of the indie scene for a while now: Turkish psychedelica. Labels like Finders Keepers and Pharaway Sounds have ensured a revitalization of the heritage through a constant stream of Turkish reissues. Folk heroine Selda Bağcan is being massively rediscovered and contemporary acts like Gaye Su Akyol, Derya Yildirim, BaBa ZuLa and Altin Gün fully embrace the style. They all refer back to the heyday of Turkish psychedelica in the ‘60s-‘70s, when Anatolian rock and folk fused with Western rock-’n-roll. Artists like Erkin Koray, Bariș Manço, Selda and Cem Karaca, were the (politically engaged) Turkish heroes of that time.

Saz Power!

Due to the release of excellent collector ‘Saz Power’ and the success of the Turkish Psychedelica Night during the previous edition of BRDCST, this time we will take over music café Bonnefooi for no less than three successive evenings. Here, in collaboration with compiler Demir Keren Atay (aka Elektro Hafiz), we present you with the latest generation of Turkish psychedelica acts. Noteworthy: that ‘Saz Power’ collector beautifully reflects the Turkish diaspora and brings together musicians from all over Europe.