Cucina Povera (fi/uk)

Saturday 6 April 20:00 - 20:45 AB SALON

Minimal and meditative deconstructed electro with a leading role for the voice

Under the name Cucina Povera, Finnish Glasgow-resident and artist Maria Rossi brings us a deconstructed meditative minimal electro erected around mantra song and sparing synth sounds. Her 2018 debut ‘Hilja’ was Bandcamp’s Album of the Day and was included in The Wire’s ‘Best Album of the Year’ chart.
The name of her project is taken from the traditional Italian kitchen, whereby the goal is to get the best possible result from few ingredients. Rossi employs that same philosophy in her creative process. With a few instruments, found sounds, sparse percussion and her voice, she lets listeners hear how beauty, sadness and elements of surprise can be found in simplicity.