Cocaine Piss (BE)

Saturday 6 April 21:00 - 22:00 CAFÉ CENTRAL


Sneak preview of the new album, with Steve Albini as producer

Cocaine Piss equals brutal punk and raw energy. The four released their first cassette in 2015, it was barely 14 minutes long and contained twelve tracks of unyielding punk (on which singer Aurélie Poppins was responsible for the howling). A year later, the band from Luik ducked into the studio with Steve Albini (who has frequently been seen wearing a Cocaine Piss T-shirt) to record second album ‘The Dancer’. Now they return, with EP ‘My Cake’, and the fury in their music has only increased. Or, to say it in their own words: ‘Cocaine Piss are back! They're pretty, they're pretty pissed, and they brought cake. But don't touch it, don't fucking touch it!’ They will continue in the same vein in March, with their third full album and a brand new line-up of players at once.

Basically: thumping, rattling and shaking of the highest class.

The Art Of Noise @ Café Central

In 1913, the Italian Luigi Russolo wrote a Futurist manifesto entitled The Art of Noises - L’Arte dei Rumori – in which he declared that music must adjust to the new industrial age and must be a reflection of the noisy city with its ‘hissing, beeping, humming, thumping, shuddering and shaking’. If Russolo hadn’t left us in 1947, he would shamelessly sate himself on the (claustrophobic) noise(-rock) and cutting-edge experimental electro that BRDCST presents in the year 2019 – with acts like Blanck Mass, Bliss Signal, Black Midi or Ipek Gorgun.

Base of operations is the nearby Café Central (Borgval 14), right near the famous Sint-Goriks Halls.