Blanck Mass (uk)

Saturday 6 April 22:30 - 00:00 AB CLUB

½ Fuck Buttons loved by Mogwai, Sigur Rós & Slowdive

Blanck Mass is still ½ Fuck Buttons, or the alter-ego of Benjamin John Power. His albums balance perfectly between noise, drone, ambient and experimental electro. Though on his latest 7” he allowed himself to be abundantly inspired by hardcore: ‘I grew up playing in punk and hardcore bands so this is no new venture for me, but perhaps as far as Blanck Mass released material goes, my latest 7” might be the snottiest.

Blanck Mass delivered a brilliant album in 2017, in the form of ‘World Eater’. Pitchfork shot them into the category ‘Best New Music’ and wrote: ‘World Eater is suitable for casual noise fans who have some curiosity for extreme music and a decent threshold for pain.’

He has fans in the upper echelons of the musical and sport world. Mogwai released his debut, Jon Hopkins and Sigur Rós took him along on tour, and in 2012 his song ‘Sundowner’ was used during the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games.

Basically: thumping, rattling and shaking of the highest class.

The Art of Noise
In 1913, the Italian Luigi Russolo wrote a Futurist manifesto entitled The Art of Noises - L’Arte dei Rumori – in which he declared that music must adjust to the new industrial age and must be a reflection of the noisy city with its ‘hissing, beeping, humming, thumping, rattling and shaking’. If Russolo hadn’t left us in 1947, he would shamelessly sate himself on the (claustrophobic) noise(-rock) and cutting-edge experimental electro that BRDCST presents in the year 2019 – with acts like Blanck Mass, Bliss Signal, Black Midi or Ipek Gorgun.