Bendik Giske (no/de)

Saturday 6 April 21:00 - 22:00 LA MACHINE

Norwegian saxophonist gives a nod to both Lindstrøm and Colin Stetson

Queer Norwegian saxophonist and performer Bendik Giske (who lives in Berlin) considers his biggest influences to be producer Lindstrøm (a fellow countryman) and the circular breathing of free-jazz saxophonist Evan Parker. We mainly hear Colin Stetson as great inspiration, but he worked with both cutting-edge producer Lotic and also electro/noise/ambient artist Deathprod on his impressive debut EP ‘Adjust’. Uncut described his upcoming album debut ‘Surrender’ as ‘Queer freeform jazz inspired by a night in Berlin techno mecca Berghain’.

The New Wave of Jazz! @ La Machine

BRDCST has embraced The New Wave of Jazz! right from the very first edition. So we didn’t only invite Shabaka and the Ancestors, GoGo Penguin or Yussef Kamaal, but also Thundercat, De Beren Gieren, MDCIII and Vels Trio. All are acts that consider jazz to be a mentality rather than a genre. The New Wave Of Jazz! (with exclamation mark) is a title derived from the legendary tagline that was always found on the classy gatefold covers of Impulse! (the groundbreaking label that made furor in the ’60s with John Coltrane.)

Base of operations for The New Wave of Jazz! is nearby music cafe La Machine (Sint-Goriksplein 2), next to the famous Halls of Saint Géry. Not only will Queer Norwegian saxophonist Bendik Giske play there, but also Shabaka Hutchings-favorite Alabaster dePlume.