Aisha Devi (ch)

Friday 5 April 23:30 - 00:30 BEURS­SCHOUW­BURG

Swiss soprano and producer-shaman nods to Björk and Arca

Aisha Devi creates her own universe, one in which her transcendental voice is the focus and radical trance, deconstructive rave beats, and r&b influences meet. Her music is spiritual and at the same time rebellious, she breaks through musical barriers and traverses different dimensions. As a Swiss woman with Nepalese and Tibetan roots, she forges an intercultural identity that is entirely reflected in her work.

She made her entrance in 2013 as co-founder of Danish label Danse Noire, a label that supports rebellious club music from around the world. Her first single ‘Aura 4 Everyone’ was released on that label and also her collaborations with IVVVO and Vaghe Stelle. Devi’s debut ‘Of Matter and Spirit’ saw the light of day two years later, a political and philosophical statement. Then there was the wonderful ‘DNA Feelings’ last year, an album with which she demonstrates how music can change the foundations of our material world and the DNA of our very being.

BRDCST BY NGHT @ Beursschouwburg

After the concerts have finished, BRDCST heads into the night under the flag of BRDCST BY NGHT. The logical partner here is multi-disciplinary art centre Beursschouwburg, the perfect host with which to emphasise our musical neighbourliness. On the programme: Swiss soprano and producer Aisha Devi, British grime-producer (and ½ Bliss Signal member) Mumdance, but also trendsetters ZULI and 1127 (who have flown out directly from the Cairo underground).